Weekly Visit: Grace Bistro's Special

QC Asparagus and Burrata Cheese

Hello, it's Kevin( @keviko.com)again.

We were at our favourite place "Grace Bistro".

Our weekly visit.

I'm sure the people at the restaurant is wondering (or don't care) how we are together all the bloody time lol

This week's special appetiser was Quebec Asparagus and Burrata Cheese.

He drizzled small crispy bacon chips, peanuts, and butter on the plate under the asparagus.

Of course, you can't go wrong with butter!!

Asparagus was perfectly cooked so they were still crispy but not woody or grassy.

I'd have that as main, so my husband said.

It was THAT good.

We're so lucky that we can go to these restaurants almost every night and enjoy food, drinks, and the company of the night.

We are really blessed and appreciate them all.