Exploring Italian Cuisine with Friends

Hello, it's Kevin( @keviko.com).

It's rare for us couple to venture out to a new restaurant on our own.

Our friends J-D couple are quite different from us.

They are younger and still adventurous.

They wanted to go to this Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood where J used to live.

We liked the restaurant quite a lot.

Pretty interior and nice outside seating areas as well.

And the food was amazing.

The photo is their Charcuterie and it's supposed to be for two people.

Generous portion for two people, don't you think?

Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed our food and would definitely be back again with our Italian friends.

Let's see what their opinions of the place be 😅


365 Lakeshore Dr, Dorval, QC H9S 2A5

+1 (514) 631 - 5952